If you want to Experiment with Histamine:Tell your Doctor you want to Experiment with topically adding Histamine to your body. Tell
him/her you are hopeful that increasing your body's Histamine level will activate certain Neurotransmitters lacking in some people with
MS and that there is some evidence that it will help with digestion and the assimilation of vitamins. Ask your Doctor for a Histamine
Prescription similar to what over 1500 other MS Patients experimented with over 20 years ago - described as follows:

1) The Skin Prep: A 3% aqueous solution of Sodium Bicarbonate - Wipe a couple drops on your clean forearm and open pores.
2) The Histamine Drops: A 3% aqueous solution of Histamine Phosphate (100mg/3ml) 1 drop rubbed into prepped area twice a day.
3) The Penetrating Cream: Any pure Vanishing / Penetrating Base Cream - A small amount to be rubbed on the Histamine treated area.

Store the Histamine soloution at room temperature in an amber dropper bottle or in a dark area. More is not better-Too many
applications could cause lower blood pressure, stiffness and fatigue. Visit
Histamine Treatment Instructions if you are considering
experimenting with Histamine yourself and want to see how I prepared Rub-On, Non-Refrigerated Histamine Drops for my wife.
My wife, Polly, was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 1986. Worsened
by FDA approved MS Drugs it became Severe MS in 1997 leaving her
motionless and in bed for weeks. Experimentation with Diet and
Supplements produced some positive results. In September 1999 we
started using a transdermal Histamine Patch with good results. However,
this Treatment was difficult to use, needed monitored refrigeration and
cost over 100 times the value of the ingredients. Therefore, in March
2000, we experimented with a Homemade, rub-on, Non Refrigerated
Histamine Treatment and started my wife on Low Dose Naltrexone
(LDN). I lost my wife in 2004 to a family heart condition, but her MS had
remained stable for over 4 years and during those years tens of
thousands of people directly or indirectly followed her Treatment
Protocol using LDN to arrest all further progression of their MS.
This Web Site was started 20 years ago to explain an inexpensive
Histamine Treatment that reduced the symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis for
my wife and later for 50% of about two thousand MS patients who tried it.
This Web Site was also the first to testify to the miraculous results my
wife (and later tens of thousand MS patients) received who used
Dose Naltrexone (LDN) that quickly stopped all further exacerbations and
further progression of their MS. Alternative Supplements, proper Lyme
Disease Diagnosis and many other cutting edge MS Therapies have
been discussed daily for 20 years on our Message Board which was shut down 2020 at: Histamine, LDN, CCSVI & Lyme Dx - MS Causes and Therapies.
Polly standing briefly for first time in 4 years  - Oct 2000
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This Web Site  was written by Polly's husband Fritz Bell
who later took the anonymous name of  GoodShape
because of the abuse and threats these therapies
generated 15 years ago. He has a BS from Yale
University, served as a Medical Corpsman in the USAF
Reserve and had a successful career in Manufacturing
and Real Estate. Polly and Fritz adopted four children
who have produced 6 grandchildren . He  was a semi-
retired Caregiver for Polly for 10 years and has given
time, ideas and money to help people with MS and
support  LDN Research . Every day he thanks God for
another great day to be alive.

This Web Site is not always current. Please Search "LDN" or "Low
Dose Naltrexone" on the Internet. Add your disease to your Search.
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On May 7, 2004 Polly Putney Bell died from heart failure at age 65. Heart conditions were her family's history, but she lived 10 years
more than the average member of her immediate family. Her MS had been stable for four years and we were planning our third recovery
cruise. Polly never said an unkind word about anybody. She was a beautiful, loving human being who is remembered by many people.
I believe the most important Treatment that currently exists for Multiple Sclerosis is Low Dose
Naltrexone. My wife used LDN for over four years and never had another exacerbation or further
progression of her MS. Directly or indirectly we have helped thousands of people start using LDN and
almost all have had the same miraculous results. Since I have never heard of good results received from
FDA approved MS drugs, please do yourself a favor and start taking LDN - Low Dose Naltrexone.
                       Our Histamine/LDN Story